Coming July 1: ChurchDesk time registration

A simple solution for time registration

How website analytics can improve your work

Who actually visits your church website? Whether it's parents of confirmands, a family new to the church looking to connect, or young people wanting to find out about the musical activities on offer - every group visits your website with a specific goal and it's important for you to know whether they are achieving this goal. ChurchDesk's new Analytics tool gives you exciting information about your visitors that you can use to drive your church forward - fully privacy compliant. 

New website designs, our new analytics tool and an update for blog widgets - ChurchDesk Product News

We had a lot of exciting updates in October. Read all about it in this article.

Create events easier and faster than ever before 🎉

Every day, our users make thousands of events in ChurchDesk. Therefore, we are happy to share that creating and managing events in ChurchDesk will be a lot easier and more integrated with fewer clicks!

A new generation of our website editor - introducing many benefits to our customers

On June 1st our brand new website editor will be available for you in ChurchDesk. With our new website editor, we offer much more design freedom and many new features. The new website will remain easy to use and fully integrated across all the ChurchDesk tools ensuring that your website automatically updates.

The best integrated giving tool for churches

With this product launch, we are making it even easier to give to the church and other causes that the church is engaged in.

Features and improvements introduced over summer

Over the summer, we have introduced some small and large improvements to ChurchDesk simplifying your work. We are happy to introduce these changes! Read more on how ChurchDesk-newsletters, forms and contacts are now even easier to use. 

Get more subscribers to your newsletter via your website and forms

Being able to send newsletters easily is one of our most important features in ChurchDesk. And now we're making it even easier with a series of improvements launching on June 20th.

Improved newsletters for a better user experience

We released an improved version of our simple newsletter. These changes will help you to stay in contact with your church members even better and without any effort.

Features and improvements introduced in February

Every month we take a lot of time to make our service even better and to develop ChurchDesk further. This month we have a special release to help you to keep in touch with your church members and some further improvements.

Features and improvements introduced in January

Read more about features and improvements we have introduced in ChurchDesk over the last two months. Every month we take a lot of time to make our service even better and to develop ChurchDesk further. Read here how we do that. 

Features and improvements introduced in September-November 2021

Learn more about the features and improvement we have made in ChurchDesk over the last few month. We invest every month in making our service to you even better. Here you can learn how we have done that.

Introduction to ChurchDesk Studio

Do you fancy exceptional and appealing designs when you send out newsletters, birthday wishes or christening invitations? Here you can find our webinar which introduces you on how to use ChurchDesk Studio. 

ChurchDesk Studio: The design tool for churches

We are releasing ChurchDesk Studio! From now on you can easily create beautiful newsletters, flyers and personal invitations without much effort. Reach more people with pretty designs and a personal touch. With instant print function! 

Multiple contacts can now share contact info and be automatically linked together as family members

Families are at the heart of the church. We at ChurchDesk are introducing a major improvement that will make the church's work with families easier. For example, regarding baptism preparation or any type of children activities.

Our CEO on how to build a great church management software

At ChurchDesk we are often asked why we work so hard on building a workflow management software for churches. My answer as CEO is always: We work hard...

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I want to talk to all our customers

I will jumb right into it! Last week I got a great idea and wrote out to 1,000 of our active users and asked if they could find 10-15 minutes of their...

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Is your church ready for the new Google requirements to be mobile?

Google has big changes coming up in the way they prioritize their search results. April 21, 2015, Google changes significantly. The company just annou...

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