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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Magdeburg joins ChurchDesk

bistum-magdeburgChurchDesk supports more than 4,000 churches and parishes across Europe. We are now welcoming another Roman Catholic Diocese and their parishes to ChurchDesk.

About the Diocese of Magdeburg

The Diocese of Magdeburg is located in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. It dates back to 968 AD and today it has 80,000 members and 50 parishes. The diocese is undergoing a large process of restructuring, which includes establishing new and larger parish units to prepare for the future. The new organisations need to oversee large geographical areas with several church buildings and congregations. ChurchDesk supports this structure with a unique product built together with other Catholic dioceses.

A helping hand from the diocese 

The Diocese of Magdeburg is supporting their parishes financially in getting ChurchDesk through a frame work agreement. It enables all parishes within the diocese to get an easy and comprehensive start with dedicated training together with neighboring parishes and congregations.

ChurchDesk has recently welcomed another two dioceses and their parishes to ChurchDesk. A warm welcome to The Diocese of Magdeburg!

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Hanno Terbuyken
Hanno Terbuyken
Working to get every church a ChurchDesk.

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