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How ChurchDesk keeps your data safe

How ChurchDesk keeps your data safeWith the recent European Court of Justice's decision on international data transfers from July, data protection is back in the headlines. ChurchDesk keeps your data safe and secure - read here how we do it.

Data protection back on the agenda

The decision of the European Court of Justice to invalidate the EU-US Data Protection Shield in July 2020 put data protection back on the agenda for many people. With ChurchDesk, you don't need to worry: As a software provider for churches, we take special care to follow both secular and church law.

How ChurchDesk helps you keep your data safe and secure

GDPR compliance is easy with our tools, and we hold ourselves to a high standard of data protection for our platform and services. For example: 

  • All customer data is stored in Germany at Hetzner Online. The technical facilities of Hetzner Online have ISO27001 certification. Customer data is stored on multiple dedicated servers in different locations.
  • Data is stored using a zero-trust principle which means that all customer data is encrypted to prevent everyone, including the server provider Hetzner Online, from accessing the data.
  • Customer e-mails sent through ChurchDesk are sent via French mail provider Mailjet. To guarantee availability and continuous service, AWS serves as backup in case of a Mailjet outage.
  • All payments made to ChurchDesk by Credit Card, BACS or SEPA go through our partner, Stripe. ChurchDesk and Stripe follow the standards set in the "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards" (PCI DSS). Details about their security setup and PCI compliance can be found at Stripe’s security page.
  • Every parish can set individual roles and permissions in their ChurchDesk platform. That way, our customers have granular control to regulate who can access which information in their ChurchDesk.
  • The current status of the ChurchDesk-Plattform is always available on our status page.

You can always find all our data protection documents on our website. ChurchDesk customers can also find the documents directly in their ChurchDesk account. Just log in, click on your name, go to "My Settings" and click "Legal" in the column on the left. You will find all current documents there. 

For all questions regarding data security and data protection you can always reach our data protection officer at

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Hanno Terbuyken
Hanno Terbuyken
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