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Multiple contacts can now share contact info and be automatically linked together as family members

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Families are at the heart of the church. We at ChurchDesk are introducing a major improvement that will make the church's work with families easier. For example, regarding baptism preparation or any type of children activities.

You can now create multiple contacts that share email or phone number

There are still some married couples who share email addresses and may even still have a landline. The same is true for small children who, of course, rarely have their own contact details either. This means that you can now easily create several different contacts with the same contact details when needed. And don't worry - the contacts will still update correctly between forms and contacts when you receive sign-ups.

For those curious, all contacts will also have a contact-ID, which will be included in exports and can also be used during an import.

Family overview - EN

Family members can now be automatically linked together for a better overview

But more importantly, now children and parents can be automatically linked together as family members. This happens automatically when they share the same contact information - namely email address or phone number. 

You can also choose which contacts on a form should be linked together as family members. For example, on a baptism form, you can now link the child, who has no contact details, to his or her parents. This means that you can now see how children and parents belong together in your contact database.

Family on Forms - EN

You don't have to do anything actively to turn this feature on. In fact, we've ensured that any form you create from our form templates will automatically link family members correctly. In addition, any contact created that shares an email address or phone number will automatically be linked to the other family members. 

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