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ChurchDesk Studio: The design tool for churches

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We are releasing ChurchDesk Studio! From now on you can easily create beautiful newsletters, flyers and personal invitations without much effort. Reach more people with pretty designs and a personal touch. With instant print function! 


Creative designs and beautiful templates for your church

With Studio you have the freedom to craft and design any messages you like or to use one of our 14 templates. They can all be easily adapted to your visual identity and the needs of your church. 

Additionally, we know how difficult it can be to find suitable and appealing images for your invitations or newsletters. That's why we have integrated image databases such as Unsplash into Studio, where you can find a large selection of images that are free to use. 

Spread your message on social media

Studio is deeply integrated into ChurchDesk, which makes it intuitive to use and allows messages to be sent directly to all your contacts.
However, even your contacts that are not in ChurchDesk can be reached, as everything you design can be shared via a single link - on social media or your website. So if you want to send your newsletters or invitations online, it's so easy now. 

Print poster for events with a few clicks

Surely your parish has events that it would like to display on its notice board. With ChurchDesk Studio, such flyers and posters can be designed or created directly from the calendar. With one click, you can make beautiful event posters for easy printing or sharing on social media.

Learn more about Studio

Learn more 

We are excited to offer you this tool as a way to be creative and engaging in your outreach, so you can be more effective and connect with more people. Read more about ChurchDesk Studio or book directly into our free Studio webinar on October 29th 1.00 PM - 2.00 PM to get started straight away. 

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Kenneth Svenningsen
Kenneth Svenningsen
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