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ChurchDesk Multi-Church supports work across multiple congregations and churches

ChurchDesk Multi-ChurchChurchDesk Multi-Church is the new tool for benefices and parishes that work across multiple congregations or churches. 

The tool for benefices and parishes working together

ChurchDesk is dedicated to supporting churches and supporting new ways of working together. As a result, we have created ChurchDesk Multi-Church. With Multi-Church each of your churches or parishes get a separate calendar which makes it a lot easier for you to work together within i.e. a large parish or across a benefice.


We're now introducing Multi-Church

The new product is an add-on to ChurchDesk and can be added to any of our plans. Configure a structure that reflects your organisation to allow users to work in a local environment or across the organisation. We've built the new product together with a number of churches that already are finding new ways of working together and changing their structure. 

Would you like to see how it works? You can read more about the product here or book a demo with one of our church advisors.

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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt
I'm in charge of user experience at ChurchDesk to make sure we live up to our mission. We want to help churches meet people with user friendly software.