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Christmas in Covid-19 times: Service registrations with ChurchDesk


Even though we would of course have wished it differently, it looks like Christmas will be a little different again in 2021. That is why many churches are now asking themselves how to organise the services in the coming weeks.

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Observe hygiene rules in worship - with registrations

Christmas will be celebrated again this year despite the pandemic situation. But some events in the church might not take place without restrictions - so good concepts are now required. Congregations have to deal intensively with hygiene concepts again. In addition to open windows, a safe distance and the obligation to wear masks, church service registrations play an important role. This is because they help to keep an overview of the number of people attending the service and therefore if other safety measures (like distance etc.) can be guaranteed. 

ChurchDesk is the solution for service registrations

This is now where ChurchDesk enters the stage and offers you a perfect solution: service sign-ups can be easily generated through the form function in ChurchDesk. 

You can use it to organise your service, concert or other event registrations and adapt the registration form to your specific needs and put it on your website where visitors can easily find it. 

It is very easy to create a form as we offer you a selection of different templates in which you can, for example, even insert a data protection declaration or the vaccination status. With an automatically generated QR code, forms can be easily opened and used on smartphones.

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Christmas service well organised with registrations in defiance of Covid-19

The individual tickets to events such as Christmas concerts etc. can be customised with different categories. For example, you can create family tickets for certain areas of the church hall or set different prices for the tickets.

As soon as the maximum number of participants is reached, the registration closes automatically. In this way you prevent overbooking. Moreover, you can link registration forms directly to events in the calendar and print out the finished lists of names with just a few clicks.

Keep in touch via registration forms 

People who visited your church for the first time this Christmas can be offered to subscribe to your church's newsletter via the registration forms. In this manner, staying in touch with them is a piece of cake for you. In this Advent season, with Christmas carols and nativity plays, you will be well prepared and won't lose track thanks to the registrations and event sign-ups. 

Click here for instructions for your ChurchDesk forms and six professional tips!

The Church of England also provides updated Covid-19 guidelines here.

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