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Our new dashboard will help you stay on top of your church


We are rolling out an important improvement. This isn’t just a new feature, but an entirely new way of using ChurchDesk, with a centralised dashboard with important personalised insights. What if we could help you make better decisions based on data that you have already built? We want to help you in your daily work by presenting insights that are relevant to you, enabling you to learn more from and about your congregation.

Our churches are experiencing an increasing amount of activity. As we write this thousands of events have been created today involving the scheduling of people, personalised invitations and team collaboration. The workflow includes several steps and a lot of people. The value of using a powerful yet simple tool to empower your congregation leaves our churches with a lot of valuable data from which we can learn and improve.

What if we could help you save time, remind you of important tasks and help you make decisions based on data? We believe there is an amazing opportunity to have easy access to key insights and metrics and as a result we have rebuilt our dashboard. The new dashboard is also your new assistant. It is personal and collects data across the different tools in ChurchDesk. When you login you will be welcomed by a simple and beautiful dashboard containing your upcoming events and invitations, recent activities, new people within your church, and a list of important messages. Over time we will be adding to this to make it even more intelligent.

The new dashboard will give you a shortcut to important jobs, including adding a new person to the database, scheduling a new message or creating a new event. This update will also improve the navigation, with the main drop-down menu now in the top left corner. The dashboard is always a click away, found via the logo.

You will get the new dashboard within the next couple of weeks and we will continue to improve with your feedback.

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Christian Steffensen
Christian Steffensen
Founder & CEO at ChurchDesk

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