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Get more subscribers to your newsletter via your website and forms

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Being able to send newsletters easily is one of our most important features in ChurchDesk. And now we're making it even easier with a series of improvements launching on June 20th.

You can now sign up for your newsletters from the website and forms

We have released a new communication tool that gives you full freedom to craft and design your message as you want to. You can read more about our Studio add-on here. You can also the product demonstration here.

You can now sign up for your newsletters from the website and forms

People can now sign up for one or more of your newsletters directly from your website via our new widget that can be placed on any website. People can also sign up directly from one of your forms. In fact, we have ensured that newsletters are integrated with them. This makes it easier to get more people signed up for your newsletters and more people will be able to hear about what's happening in your church.

We ensure consent for everyone you send newsletters to

When you use our new newsletter lists to send newsletters, we ensure that the contact has agreed to a standard consent form for your communications. For this, you can either use our template or your own consent text. So you no longer need to take consent into account when sending newsletters via our new feature.

How do newsletter lists work?

Until now, all our lists in People have been based on contacts that match the given filter criteria. This filter could be a keyword or similar. It has made newsletter lists unnecessarily difficult to manage. This is why we have chosen to split lists into two types. 

Our previous list function has been renamed into “filter”; they are in the same place as before and work as they always have. At the same time, we have introduced “newsletter lists”, which work a bit like a traditional paper list, where you can add a contact to the list or remove a contact.


To learn more about our features, register for our webinar on June 20 at 9:30 am.

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