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Invite people back into church after Christmas

Invite people back for online coffee

Why not invite your Christmas visitors for an online church breakfast and ask them for ideas and support? We've collected some ideas for you!

Stay in touch with people that signed up

Many priests and parishes share this experience: The faces you see in the Christmas services will rarely be seen the rest of the year. That's ok - for many Christians, the Christmas services are a way to reaffirm their connection to church and faith, even if they are not doing much more.

Last year's Christmas services were different for many of us, due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is still raging through Britain and Europe. However, if you had registrations for your Christmas events, you can continue to provide comfort and joy to those who registered with you. Take the chance to stay in contact with them. For churches to come through, more than ever they need to find ways to turn audiences and (online) visitors into supporters and parishioners.

You can be creative in contacting the people that registered with you in December. Here are some ideas depending on what your parish is currently doing:

  • Invite people to online events and services you already planned 
  • Start a newsletter with small spiritual impulses you send out regularly 
  • Let people cast a vote on a topic for an online worship or vigil, or have them pick from a number of topics to preach on for your next online sermon (with the help of ChurchDesk forms)
  • Create a virtual church breakfast as a video call and invite people to participate

What you can do and want to do is contingent on the capacity of you and your volunteers. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask! Your visitors and audiences from Christmas and online services can help you. Do you need someone to help you with recording or live-streaming video? Is there a project you would like to try, but don't have enough volunteers? Think of everyone who attended some form of Christmas service, ask them and keep that connection going. 

If you would like to know how ChurchDesk can help you, contact us and we will show you how with a free trial how ChurchDesk helps you meet more people where they are.

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Hanno Terbuyken
Hanno Terbuyken
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