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Do you fancy exceptional and appealing designs when you send out newsletters, birthday wishes or christening invitations? Here you can find our webinar which introduces you on how to use ChurchDesk Studio. 

Completely new design options explained in the webinar

In our free webinar on the 29th of October Benjamin Tamm from our Support Team gave an introduction to ChurchDesk Studio. ChurchDesk Studio does not replace our existing newsletter functions but enables completely new design options. With Studio you can design and write individual messages to get in touch with more people.

Continuous development

In Studio you will find 14 different templates so far, which you can use as a starting point for your messages. You can all modify them according to your needs.

It is one of our biggest releases this year and matters a lot to us because improved designs can help you reach more people in and around the church.

This is due to the fact that aesthetics and personalisation play a major role when reaching out to people. They are much more likely to notice your invitations or messages if they are personally addressed or perceive an appealing design. 

Your ideas are welcome and wanted 

We want to turn your newsletter, flyer or invitation crafting into walks in the parks. Easy handling, all-integrated in ChurchDesk.

Therefore we are continuously working on Studio even after its release and will thus introduce even more templates and functions in Studio. For example, our print function for posters, which is scheduled for release towards the end of this year. 

Reach out to us or book an introduction 

So if you have your own ideas for templates or other changes to Studio, please feel free to pass them on to us. If you need more help with Studio or would like to book a demo, our support team is always happy to help.

Additionally, there are step-by-step guides on our HelpDesk with relevant videos to explain different steps in Studio

Book an introduction to Studio

Create your church's visual Identity 

Use Studio to build your church's visual identity. Visual identity refers to the entire representation of a company, but also of organisations such as churches, etc. 

The sensual impression after seeing flyers, the building, the website, etc. of a congregation creates an image that the congregation presents to others. If used properly, visual identity can help you gain a better and clearer profile and highlight the unique features of your church. 

If your congregation is still looking for a coherent concept which you would then like to adapt your website, flyers, posters, etc., you are welcome to write to us and we will put you in touch with a graphic designer who can help you with a template for your congregation. 

Find out more about the features of ChurchDesk Studio and the pricing details. 

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Alissa Kim Neu
Alissa Kim Neu
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