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Get a better overview with the new and powerful ChurchDesk Calendar

New ChurchDesk CalendarThroughout the years we’ve received a lot of great feedback on the ChurchDesk Calendar. Not surprising since the calendar is the heart of running a church. Based on your feedback and in collaboration with various users of ChurchDesk we’ve now made improvements to the calendar. After testing the calendar to ensure stability and usability we’re proud to announce a new and powerful ChurchDesk Calendar that focuses on supporting the everyday needs of everyone in the church.

Try the new calendar yourself – and switch back easily

All ChurchDesk users get to decide when they want to try the new calendar. If you choose to try the new calendar it’ll only be activated for you. In the case you want to switch back, it’s as simple as clicking “back to the old calendar”.

We encourage you to try it out and to play around with all the great new functionality!


New design: Optimised for the most popular use cases

The calendar is staying true to itself but we’re introducing new navigation that will allow you to get a better overview of your appointments, events, staff and resources. Here are the key use cases that’ll now be easier in the new calendar.

It’s now easy to see your own calendar

Example: When are you needed and where is the event taking place?

As ChurchDesk is an organisation calendar, and many churches are extremely busy, we’ve often seen that it’s difficult for the individual to quickly see what’s relevant to them.

Now, we’ve made a personal calendar for everyone. Simply click your own name under “My calendars” to see all your private events, absences, events that you’re booked to and services where you’re serving on the rota.

My ChurchDesk Calendar

Room and resources calendars for a better availability overview

Example: When is Main Church Hall available in November?

As you’re managing many rooms, it’s important that you always have a quick way of looking up the availability of your rooms. 

Whenever you need to see the availability of a room, you simply add the specific room calendar and make sure all other calendars are disabled. Now, only events where that room is reserved are showing and it’s easy to see when the room is available.

ChurchDesk Room Calendar

Individual calendars to everyone to quickly see when someone’s available

Example: When is Rev. Norris available this week?

In the new calendar, it’s easy to look up someone’s calendar to see when they’re available. All users in ChurchDesk have an individual calendar that includes registered absence, private event and events where they’re booked to or serving on a rota. You might not be able to read all event details as they depend on how the event is shared. But it’s clear to see when a person is available.

ChurchDesk User Calendar

We remember the calendars that are most relevant to you

What you need to see in your calendar may not be relevant to your colleagues. Therefore, everyone can add the calendars which are relevant to them. We’ll make sure to remember which calendars you’ve recently added and activated. Next time you log in from the same computer we’ll show you your own customized calendar.


Learn how to use the new calendar

At ChurchDesk we offer free live-classes that can help you learn new parts of ChurchDesk or give you a recap on existing tools. Our live-class on the calendar takes you through the basics of how to get organised using the new ChurchDesk Calendar.

Sign up for live-class

Introducing Multi-Church: Get a calendar for each of your churches in one ChurchDesk

ChurchDesk is dedicated to supporting churches and supporting new ways of working together. As a result, we have created ChurchDesk Multi-Church. With Multi-Church each of your churches or parishes get a separate calendar which makes it a lot easier for you to work together within i.e. a large parish or across a benefice.


50% if you buy before 30 Nov

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Wait! There’s more!

Since we’re now working on the calendar we decided to throw in a few extra nice functionalities that will make it much easier for you to navigate in the calendar and get a better overview.


  • Need a quick daily overview from the month view? Simply click the date in the calendar to go to the day view. Click the week number to go to the week view.
  • Our new “Now indicator” will show you the current time in the day and week view. Use this if you need to book a meeting in 1 hour from now.
  • A mini-calendar has been added to the top right corner. Use this to quickly navigate within the current or coming months.
  • Events are now overlapping and not displayed side-by-side. This makes a busy calendar with many events happening at the time look less crowded.
  • Need to differentiate your events based on the type of events? Use our 14 new colours to quickly identify your internal meetings, external bookings, services and youth events.
  • Colours of past events will be faded to emphasise that an event has passed – making it easier for you to focus on coming events.


Anything we can do better? Let us know!

In the calendar, we’ve added a feedback button and we encourage you to use it. If you stumble upon anything that you feel is super cool or that you believe could work better, then please don’t hesitate to send us the feedback. A lot of churches are using ChurchDesk, and your feedback could benefit everyone!

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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt
I'm in charge of user experience at ChurchDesk to make sure we live up to our mission. We want to help churches meet people with user friendly software.

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Get a better overview with the new and powerful ChurchDesk Calendar

Throughout the years we’ve received a lot of great feedback on the ChurchDesk Calendar. Not surprising since the calendar is the heart of running a ch...

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