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From communication to relationships: A new version of People

People 2.0

ChurchDesk was founded to help churches engage with their members and communities. This is why we built People - we wanted to enable personal, targeted, and real-time communication.

We are happy to see the changes we have facilitated, but we now want to go much further. We want to move beyond communication and into building relationships. Making a huge step in that direction, I'm excited to share this new release with you, and we can't wait to see the results.

Two-way communication to build relationships

We recently released message tracking to better understand the effect and impact of communications. The real goal, however, is to build relationships, so I’m pleased to announce we can now support replies on e-mail and SMS - from multiple addresses and phone numbers. You can choose the sender and where replies should go. And we do this while still guaranteeing delivery and whitelisting.

Flexible database tailored to your needs

Personal communication relies on the right contact details and data. When we released People we had a number of standard fields to collect information such as name, e-mail, address, and birthday. Since then you have requested a number of new fields to help you better understand your members and communicate more effectively. With this release we offer you the option of building custom fields very easily and even connecting them to forms. You can build your own sections and structure your contact information and details in fields that match your needs. We’re excited to help you customize ChurchDesk to your specific needs and allow you to understand and get to know your contacts better.

Targeted communication based on Lists

When we released People we introduced the idea of adding contacts to "segments". They served as a way to enroll contacts in lists and communicate more personally. We have experienced limited use of segments, though personalised communication is key to success. With the new release we have renamed segments to Lists and made it a lot easier to enroll contacts based on specific information. We believe communication should be personal, so you’ll now have an easy way to enroll contacts to lists based on interests, demographics, groups, etc.

Learn more about the features and changes to People by reading the full product update here.

We are looking forward to helping you build more relationships!

Founder & CEO

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Christian Steffensen
Christian Steffensen
Founder & CEO at ChurchDesk

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