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Fingerprint login for iPhone users

wi9yf7kTQxCNeY72cCY6_Images of Jenny Lace Plasticity Publish (4 of 25)It’s easier than ever to log in to ChurchDesk from your iPhone. Just use your fingerprint.

It’s easier than ever to log in to ChurchDesk from your iPhone.Just use your fingerprint, and you’ll be back with us in no time

You can now log in to ChurchDesk in 2 seconds

ChurchDesk takes the security of users very seriously. For that reason, we automatically log you out of our app after 14 days, meaning you have to sign in next time you access it.

We know that this can be inconvenient, so our latest software update makes it simpler than ever to log in from an iPhone. Just use your fingerprint, and you’ll be back with us in no time.

Please note: this feature is currently only available for iPhone users.

How to activate login with fingerprint
Click on “Settings” in the left navigation menu of your ChurchDesk app and select “Login with fingerprint”. You will then be able to log in with your fingerprint instead of entering your email and password.

Not yet installed our app? Now’s your chance
If you’ve not got round to installing the ChurchDesk app, don’t delay. Read all about it, and download it to your smartphone, here: ChurchDesk App.

Other updates
You can now export forms in three different formats:

  • csv (comma separated)
  • xlsx (Excel)
  • ods (Libre/Open Office)

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Kenneth Svenningsen
Kenneth Svenningsen
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