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Features and improvements introduced over the last month

Features and improvements introduced over the last monthLearn more about the features and improvement we have made in ChurchDesk over the last month. We invest every month in making our service to you even better. Here you can learn how we have done that.

ChurchDesk Portal Product

We have launched ChurchDesk Portal to create a single overview of all events across a deanery or diocese. You can read more about this new product here.

Giving Plans in the calendar

We have made a beta version of Giving Plans. This feature ensures that the giving plan from your diocese is directly available in your ChurchDesk calendar. Giving a nice overview of all the Giving intended to be collected at services. This feature is released in beta to all catholic customers in Germany. We expect to roll-out an improved version for all customers in Q3.

Easily embed media like videos and iframes to your website

When you go to Website you can now easily embed media like videos and iframes into a page on your website. Simply select “Embed view” under the menu “Create content”. Here it is easy to add the embed code to the box and click save.

Intentions module (Catholics)

  • Templates for a service overview: We have made 6 templates for easily printing a service overview for e.g. next month. A version of this feature is expected to become a available for all customers in Q4
  • Internal forwarding: We have added support for internal forwarding in Intentions
  • Search function: We have released an improved search function to finding intentions more easily
  • Copy intentions: We made it easy to make copies of an intention for faster creation
    Intentions previously assigned to events: We have made it easy to filter for intentions that has previously been assigned to events

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Kenneth Svenningsen
Kenneth Svenningsen
I want to make things that matter and make a difference. I'm responsible for our customers and obsessed about helping churches meet people with technology.

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