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Experienced CMO gives ChurchDesk an international boost

At ChurchDesk we have a clear goal: we want to help churches towards simpler workflows and more engaged members. It is no small vision, but nonetheless, we have already helped thousands of church staff towards an easier working day. With a simple yet strong management system, built and developed specifically for the church and its needs, we have proven we live up to the expectations set for us. Now is the time to share our knowledge with even more churches across the world. As such, we have hired Troels Bødker Feodor Nielsen as our new Chief Marketing Officer.Troels_profil_-_close_small.jpg

Troels brings a lot of international experience into the ChurchDesk team. Previously, he has been the Global CMO at the digital agency FFW and before that he spent a number of years as Head of Digital Marketing and Operations at the Danish start-up company Tradeshift. He therefore knows better than anyone else what it takes to spread our message to a larger audience and create awareness about our company in both existing and new markets.

Christian Steffensen, CEO at ChurchDesk, sees Troels’ employment as an important next step for the company, “We are looking very much forward to benefitting from Troels’ experience in digital marketing. We have the right product and now it’s time to reach our potential in all our markets”. The new hire strengthens our leadership team even further, after the employment of strong personnel in the roles of Danish, German, and English Country Managers respectively.

Already on our way

Today, we have digitalised more than 1000 churches and the future shows great potential for this number to increase. Lately, churches in Switzerland and Scotland have caught sight of the opportunities ChurchDesk offer, whilst we have also started a cooperation with the German evangelical church in Berlin (EKBO).

Troels himself also sees ChurchDesk as a unique platform for churches wishing to engage more members and grow. He says: “ChurchDesk has, through the last couple of years, proven that we really can help the people of the church with an easy accessible and a modern online platform, completely suited to their needs. ChurchDesk is strongly positioned in the United Kingdom to take a leading role as the preferred solution for churches. We have an exciting journey ahead of us and I look forward to be a part of it”.

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Christian Steffensen
Christian Steffensen
Founder & CEO at ChurchDesk

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