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Embed ChurchDesk events on your church website

you can now embed your ChurchDesk Calendar on any website.

Don't have a ChurchDesk website? Don't worry, you can now embed your ChurchDesk Calendar on any church website.

Learn how to embed events from your ChurchDesk calendar

A few of you have chosen to keep your own website when you signed up for ChurchDesk. The drawback of not having a ChurchDesk website is that it can be complicated to show events from your ChurchDesk Calendar on your website. We have seen different attempts, incl. exporting to google and later embedding this, others have had help from web consultants to connect to our API. All solutions have one thing in common - it is not very easy to set up, so we wanted to change that.

Now we have made it much easier for you!

From today, when you access the drop down menu in your ChurchDesk Calendar you will find the “Embed on website” button. With just a few clicks you can set up a list of events, customize it and get your embed code. Then just go to your website, create a new page and paste in the embed code in your editor.

You are now showing your ChurchDesk Calendar events on your website.

Only 5 Steps

  1. Choose what to show..
  2. Preview it
  3. Customize font, size, and color
  4. Copy embed code
  5. Paste onto your website

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help setting this up. We’d also love to hear from you if you have any feedback that could help us improve this new feature.

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Kenneth Svenningsen
Kenneth Svenningsen
I want to make things that matter and make a difference. I'm responsible for our customers and obsessed about helping churches meet people with technology.

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