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Contributions through ChurchDesk

ChurchDesk_Contributions_desktop.pngSome of you might be wondering what the people behind ChurchDesk are working on these days? Well let me tell you...

We have big news for you all!

In the not-so-distant future we will be introducing Contributions. This will give you the opportunity to start collecting various types of ‘contributions’ (donations, ticket sales, hall rents, etc.) via your ChurchDesk.

We at ChurchDesk are very much aware of the importance of receiving donations and collecting payments for hall rents, ticket sales etc. We have experienced many ways of managing this. The beauty of our new feature is that we focus on more than just the income aspect of contributions. By integrating this new feature with the existing People module, we allow our users to start gathering key intelligence on contributors, thereby giving them the ability to write messages that will appear more personal, and thus more engaging. Imagine as an example being able to send out a custom message to your top donors in the last six months. This enrichment of data is an addition we believe is an essential step into the future of church payments.

Collect donations on the spot - through mobile!

During our research on church donations we discovered that the level of desire to donate is much higher within the first five minutes following a church event (for example, your Sunday service) compared to just a few hours later. Therefore, we are allowing our users to setup an option for their congregation to donate via SMS! We believe that reaching people while still in the church itself will result in more donations.

When will it be available?

We are not ones for setting an exact release date, as there are always factors we are not able to control. However, we do promise to keep you updated on our progress. For now you will have to settle with a few mock-ups, that hopefully satisfy your interest.


Want to be the first to try it? Help us!

As we want to ensure the usability of this new, exciting feature, we are looking for beta testers. If you would like to get access to this feature a few days before release, then leave a comment below, and as soon as we are ready I will reach out to you.

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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt
I'm in charge of user experience at ChurchDesk to make sure we live up to our mission. We want to help churches meet people with user friendly software.

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