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ChurchDesk: Past, Present and Future


A lot has happened at ChurchDesk in the last year. Most importantly, we have become a truly integrated Church Engagement Platform, which helps churches across the country communicate with thousands of people every day.

Following the investment we received last summer we have greatly improved the company, both in terms of a strong management team and also in the range and quality of applications for the church. This means we can now help even more churches throughout the world. Although we continue to expand, we’re still as dedicated as ever and our goal is still the same: To offer the greatest tools for churches.

Together with the church we are on a journey towards strengthening the digital presence of churches, and it’s going great!

New applications for improved communication

Last year we launched our (then) new application “People”. Many churches are keen to improve their digital communication with their congregation, and People was the perfect solution for this. Churches now supplement their printed church magazines with multiple digital newsletters, and we see a great improvement in the number of sent messages (including invitations, follow-ups and greetings). People has also become an integrated part of the mobile app, making it quick and easy to contact relevant people. It’s so great to see the church reaching out to their congregation more than ever before!

We are always working to improve our existing technology, and recently we added a new feature: the ability to view statistics on the messages sent, making it easy to see what messaging is working, and what isn’t.

In the spring we launched “Contributions”, which is linked with People. This new application makes it possible to collect donations and payments via credit cards and mobile phones, and easily connect those payments with people or projects. Everything is managed within the system and it provides a fluid, simple way to make the digital revolution work for church finances. Contributions has a number of advantages over other solutions, such as Paypal (data stays within ChurchDesk) or cash payments (online donations tend to be higher)...  and we can see that it works! Many churches have already seen successful donation projects, such as St John’s Waterloo who raised £1,000 for a new sound system.

This autumn we are launching a new application called “Planning”. We have always wanted to make it easier and more attractive to get involved with the church, so we went out and asked for ideas from our customers and friends as to how to do this. The result is Planning. Planning adds to the existing functionality of the Calendar, making it easier to assign tasks, invite groups of people and delegate work. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are.

Still a Church Engagement Platform, still developed for the church

As you can tell, ChurchDesk has grown a lot within the last year. We started off as a solution for a website and integrated calendar, which fulfilled the most obvious need for churches (and is still the primary use of ChurchDesk in some cases). But with the inclusion of People, Contributions and now Planning we’ve developed into an all-in-one solution for the digital needs of a church.

However the digitalisation doesn’t end here, and we are constantly developing tools which will make an even bigger and better difference to the running of your church. With so many opportunities this is a truly exciting time to be a church, and we invite you to contact us if you believe we could help you get started with your digital revolution, or even just offer a couple of tips.

Would you like to see how ChurchDesk can help your church? Try it for free now.

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Christian Steffensen
Christian Steffensen
Founder & CEO at ChurchDesk

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