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ChurchDesk now support tickets for your events

Starting today you can create tickets for your events with ChurchDesk

Starting today you can create tickets for your events with ChurchDesk. Tickets are integrated with ChurchDesk Forms and make it easier than ever to create and manage event sign-ups.

Create your event sign-up in ChurchDesk Forms

Decide which ticket types you want to offer and how many tickets should be available. You are all set and ready to share the event on your website, Facebook and elsewhere. When all the tickets have been sold out, the Form automatically closes for further sign-ups.

Finally, we have also introduced the option to set a limit to how many form responses you want, before the form automatically closes.

Want to learn more about tickets and forms?

Our helpdesk covers important parts of the new features, including how to set it up and add it to your website and newsletters. Click here to go to Helpdesk.

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Kenneth Svenningsen
Kenneth Svenningsen
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