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ChurchDesk is introducing a new calendar

New ChurchDesk CalendarIn December 2019 we introduced our new calendar to churches and it's been very well received. Now we're switching all users to the new calendar with a lot of improvements. 

Why did we create the new calendar design? 

Fundamentally we learned from our many great users that it was difficult to get a good overview of the activities in the calendar.

We often received questions in the support like “Why can’t I see a certain event in my calendar, my colleague can see it in their calendar?” or “How do I see room availability in the month overview?" All very important issues coming down to the fact it was hard to use the filters in a good way.

This we have finally resolved well in the new calendar. It is now much easier to get an overview of your calendar, the parish calendar as well as seeing availability for your colleagues and rooms.

What does the new calendar offer?

The new calendar offers a long set of benefits that makes everyday planning easier. 

The latest improvement makes scheduling of colleagues and room booking much easier. You can now see users and room calendars side by side in the day view. This replaces the old feature where you could only see either users or resources.

ChurchDesk Compare Calendars

Other benefits worth mentioning are:

    • Preparation and clean-up times: You can now add prep- and clean-up booking to your events to avoid that the room gets double booked.
    • Get your private calendar easily into ChurchDesk: With the new calendar you can get your personal calendar into ChurchDesk to see it together with your work calendar. Others can only see when you are unavailable. 
  • Better absence overview: All absence is grouped together into a single line - making easy to see absences while not losing overview of the regular calendar
  • Easy resource and user scheduling: In the new calendar we have replaced the old resource overview – in the new version you can see both users and resources in side-by-side in columns.

We ensure that you’ll have an easy transition to the new calendar

Everyone can try-out the new calendar today and make the switch. From 22 March we'll let all users start in the new calendar design when they open their ChurchDesk - if necessary you can toggle over to the old calendar. On 5 May we'll close down the old calendar design.

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Kenneth Svenningsen
Kenneth Svenningsen
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