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Big News: Attendance is now part of ChurchDesk

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At ChurchDesk we focus on making sure that the church has the best toolset to meet people. ChurchDesk is an all-in-one solution covering everything from event creation and communication. From today that also includes attendance tracking as post-event evaluation.

What is Attendance?

ChurchDesk Attendance is a really easy way to track attendance on events in the calendar. It gives you valuable insights and helps you understand the numbers behind your church.

If you are a Church of England parish, you’ll also be able to use ChurchDesk to report to the Statistics for Mission.

Not only is ChurchDesk Attendance really easy to use, you can even register attendance directly from your smartphone: no need to record attendance via pen, paper, and cumbersome spreadsheets!



Key features:

  • Use our app to count attendance right away and save time
  • See statistics in graphs to get a visual overview
  • Download reports to Excel and use the data for your needs

Why Attendance?

With ChurchDesk Attendance it’s easy to see the events and activities that contribute most to your church’s mission. As a result, you can now easily tell which activities and events you could benefit from investing more in.

Benefits from tracking attendance:

  • Understand trends in your events over time
  • Save time by tracking attendance right away through our smartphone app
  • Spend your time and resources better and make a larger impact

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Christian Steffensen
Christian Steffensen
Founder & CEO at ChurchDesk