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Three Christmas wishes for the 3rd Advent

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Today we are celebrating the third Advent, almost more than half of this time has already passed. What have you experienced during this time? With their wishes, Dr Jörg Dechert, chairman of one of the biggest evangelical media centres in Germany,  author Katharina Plehn-Martins and catholic theologian Andreas Büsch are our guests on the blog.

Dr Jörg Dechert (chairman of the ERF - an evangelical/protestant media centre and publishing group)

  • That the church of Christ becomes aware of the "why" of Christmas again. 
    It may change its time-bound shape but is rooted in the calling of Jesus. 
  • That the church of Christ rediscovers its "how" and "what" in a new and radical form. Digitalization is not only a scientific phenomenon but a chance for the churches future. 
  • That the church of Christ keeps being adventurous. He who knows about forgiveness and knows the end of history - what has he to lose?

Katharina Plehn-Martins (retired protestant pastor, author and coach)

  • I wish my church wisdom not follow every trend,
    but to translate its specific message into the digital world with
    didactic creativity.
  • In addition, I wish my church competence to bring digital presence to people of all ages in their respective places and through their own access.
  • Last but not least, I wish my church the width to use the global for the regional, to develop digital formats that capture regional church realities and make the familiar visible.

Andreas Büsch (theologian & professor for media education and communication in Mainz)

  • A "culture of digitality" (Stalder 2016) is, in my opinion, the greatest challenge for the church and its structures since the invention of the letterpress almost 500 years ago. Therefore, I wish that the church would say goodbye to centralism and clericalism and really arrive at such a culture of commonality and diversity.
  • That new ways of living, expressing and celebrating faith become more and more a matter of course.
  • And that in all of this we develop a good culture of experimentation, but also of failure - because we learn from them.

    Foto: Sascha Draheim © Clearingstelle Medienkompetenz

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