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Reduce your energy bills with ChurchDesk


Make heat control more effective with ChurchDesk and save heating costs as a result. You can read more about it here!Image: Unsplash/Spencer Backman

Heating costs can become a problem 

The days are getting colder and heating is getting more expensive - this is also a problem for churches. Events in particular thrive when visitors feel comfortable, and furniture and artwork need certain temperatures to remain in good condition. 

It actually isn't easy to say, how warm your church should be. The Church of England states on its homepage, that it depends very much on room size, usage, and furniture. However, when a church is in use, it should offer a certain comfort and temperature differences should not be changed very quickly, but slowly with a max of 1 Kelvis per hour. To put it all in a nutshell: there will be no possibility to leave the heaters off in churches during this winter - despite perhaps horrendous prices. 

Save heating costs with ChurchDesk

This is why ChurchDesk helps you to manage your heat control, so you can put on the heating at the right time to save power and effort. This works in two ways: via our webhook API (PUSH) or the easy-to-implement iCal solution.

ChurchDesk has created a calendar subscription through the common calendar standard ICS that can be used by a number of heating management or bell automation providers. This allows you to choose which room you want to heat. Your heating control supplier is also welcome to contact us and we will show them how to read the calendar feed. You can read exactly how the integration works in our HelpDesk.

Standing together in times of crisis 

The church can do important work right now this winter. In Graz, Austria, Pastor Paul Nitsche's Lutheran church is one of seven churches acting as "lighthouses of help," a kind of backup in the event of a power outage.  

Rev'd Steve Burston, vicar at the church in Crawley explained to the magazine CountryLiving, that one of their values is to offer a warm place for people to connect, which is why they open the church during the coming winter. 

It is one of many offers that churches, cooperations and volunteers started and which can be found on the homepage of warmwelcome UK . 

Looking for good ideas for the winter

If your congregation has any other good idea or suggestions on how to support your city or community members this winter, please feel free to send them to We would be happy to make these ideas available to others. 


Here you can find the ChurchDesk HelpDesk article.

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