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How to Create a Successful Church Event

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/03/17 13:02 / by Natalie Clifton


Church are known for being vibrant communities who enjoy spending time together. Whether it be through silent prayer, concerts, community outreach or children’s sunday school you can often find congregations looking for groups where they can gather to spread God’s message. The question is whether your church is providing the events that your congregation desire? And are those events involving and engaging the congregation?

Events take a lot of planning and time. If this doesn’t end with a happy congregation then you are risking deflation your staff and volunteers who put so much effort in. Whilst nothing can be guaranteed, there are things you can do to increase the likelihood of success.

Here at ChurchDesk we’ve come up with some top tips to help facilitate great church events. No matter the kind of event you're hosting you can follow these steps! Even if you’re running some great events already, it can’t hurt to double-check you’re not missing any new tricks.

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Natalie Clifton

Written by Natalie Clifton