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E-mail marketing for churches, a must-do?

E-mail marketing for churches, a must-do?

Facebook, Twitter, SMS, E-mails? Who can actually manage to stay updated and keep an overview of all the new possibilities? Yes, all of them do offer lots of great opportunities to enhance your marketing activities. In this guide we'll cover important aspects of e-mail marketing in the church.

Which role do e-mails take in this segment? Which advantages does e-mail marketing bring along, and shall you and your parish invest in it? In the following we have an overview of the five strongest arguments for setting-up an e-mail campaign for your parish.

E-mail marketing is cost-effective

Setting-up and sending out your e-mail campaign in your church is highly cost-efficient. There are no printing costs, shipping charges or even fees for print media. Of course there will costs incurred for the actual design and digital distribution of your e-mail campaigns, these costs, however, are extremely remote. All in all that means: minimum costs but maximum success.

E-mails can easily be tracked

There may be no better marketing channel to use which allows you to specifically track the success of your campaign. You will have access to information on how many people received your e-mail, how many opened your e-mail and more importantly, how many people clicked which link. This easy and fast way of tracking allows you to receive feedback immediately and shows the success oft he entire campaign, as well as the most successful article. The next campaign can then be even more efficient.

E-mails are popular and very easy to use

E-mails are the most used and most popular tool that the internet has brought along. Under that condition, it is even easier and more reliable to communicate with almost all members of your parish.

E-mails are easily targeted and personal

Your e-mail campaign allows you to address certain target groups, make e-mails personal and provide users with information tailored to their interests and needs. Moreover, it is the easiest way possible to engage with your readers on a frequent level and deepen the relationship between your church or parish and its members.

E-mail marketing is fast and easy

There is no better way to guarantee fast delivery within seconds than through setting-up an e-mail campaign. It even allows you a last-minute communication update: E-mail marketing is quick and easy. 

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