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5 ways technology can make or break your church

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Technology, love it or hate it, it is a part of all our lives...

Would you say your church is technologically advanced? When was the last piece of new technology implemented in your church, honestly. Was it a success? If not, did you really give it a chance and if no, then why not?

The problem with technology is that, if you are not running your organization efficiently, it will only serve to amplify your strengths and weaknesses. Bad news I know! Sadly, no matter how amazing your platform, software, app or device, it is only TRULY valuable to you if the time is invested into them. The right systems need to be put into place, with defined long-term goals.

At this point I am sure many have already thrown their hands in the air proclaiming, "Technology is not for us, my diary and excel sheets are fine". Oh how we love the familiarity of what we know so well. So is it not just easier to forget about tech and go back to the good old times?

I would say no. A big fat NO!

The potential of technology is worth ALL the investment.

Technology is a great way of getting tasks done. However, if this is all you are using it for, then you will miss out on most of the positive impact it can have on your church culture. 

I would recommend using technology as a way to tie all your strategies together and as a result improve and engage your community. 

  • Get yourself properly organized...

If like many, your church database and electoral role are scattered across many different sources. Whether it be multiple paper versions or those dreaded excel sheets, having your church information in various locations means no one knows where the RIGHT information is. A sophisticated church database solution can and will eliminate these issues. You will be surprised how having your information all in one place can be a catalyst for a well-organized and efficient church machine. 

  • Encourage accountability...

A comprehensive church management system will provide clear and transparent insights into what people are doing and if they are getting favorable results. How involved are your individual members? Are your volunteers reliable? Who is going to be where and when? 

  • Give your leaders a chance...

Just think, how much more effective you could be if you had a tool that gave you the information you wanted! If attendance patterns or individual participation was monitored, then changes can be looked at. now your leaders are equipped with the ability to find out the cause and take action.

  • No more guessing...

When all your data is spread out across various different tools, spreadsheets or in people's heads, you can only ever guess when it comes to engagement levels and church health. Data is an incredibly valuable resource. Without suitable church management software, this resource is going to waste. Having all this data in one place allows you to have much more clarity about your church and its needs. 

  • Get your flock reenergized...

So now all your data is in one place. You are finding that you have more time for your Church because you are spending less time on Admin. You are suddenly more proactive and personal in your approach. You have a clear picture in your mind of how your church is doing. You are able to focus... guess what? Your congregation will notice this and as a result are likely to be far more engaged them selves. Now your members are contributing to not only the church but to the community around them.

So what have we learnt?

Technology alone will not bring more people into your church to hear the word of Christ. You will have to invest in the right system and be prepared to invest your time in learning this new medium. But, when you do it right, the potential impact on your church and your community will be exponential. 

Make your stories be about what is going to happen, not about what happened in the past... 

Would you like to find out more about how to take advantage of church management software?

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