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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Wurzburg joins ChurchDesk

Bistum Würzburg und ChurchDesk

To support the administration and engagement in their 600 parishes, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wurzburg in Germany has decided to partner with ChurchDesk. 

ChurchDesk becomes part of a larger change process

"We're happy to get the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wurzburg as a customer. They're one of the first-movers in Germany and we see this as a recognition of our efforts to help churches in their change process. Technology can help support and prepare churches for change," says Christian Steffensen, CEO and Founder of ChurchDesk. "It's exciting to become part of an ambitious change process to prepare for the future. This partnership will also introduce a new product to manage pledges and a church finder. I think both new products will be an improvement to ChurchDesk and relevant for many others."

ChurchDesk is a cloud-based platform to help the church meet people and support parishes in their work. It includes tools dedicated internal workflows and administration while also taking care of communication and engagement of the congregation as a whole. The modules include digital calendar and service planning, a database with multi-channel communications, reporting, donations and payments. An integrated CMS helps the church get a professional website, which is easily connected with the other tools.

"Our parishes are undergoing change these years. We need new ways to reach the generation of digital natives. As a part of that we need to simplify our administration and get better at connecting and engaging both employees and volunteers. We believe ChurchDesk can help us with this. We're looking forward to introduce this in our diocese and excited about the results," says Dr. Martin Faatz from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wurzburg.

A new product for pledges and a church finder

Together with the already existing modules, ChurchDesk will be adding a new module for pledges. This module will be an addition to the platform and integrated into ChurchDesk. It will offer the parish an easy workflow and data entry and minimize the risk of mistakes when it comes to pledges and other related payments.

"With the integration of pledges to ChurchDesk we'll be able to offer a user-friendly and integrated solution," says Christian Steffensen, CEO & Founder in ChurchDesk. "We've had several meetings with Catholic dioceses that expressed an interest in improving the way pledges are currently managed in the local parish. We believe this is relevant for many dioceses."

The partnership also introduces another new product "ChurchDesk Portal". It's a church finder to help make churches and events accessible to people in the diocese. People trying to fint specific events or churches can access the portal and search or browse based on interest. With this product, ChurchDesk wants to increase transparency and help people find better information when looking for a relevant church or event.

About the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wurzburg

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Wurzburg was founded in 742. Today, it has 732,000 members and more than 600 parishes. The diocese is currently undergoing a large structural and strategic project "Church together - pastoral future". The project introduces new ways of doing parish care and development together with a restructuring of their parishes. When the introduction phase of ChurchDesk is completed, the software will serve as an important part of this change process.

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Christian Steffensen
Christian Steffensen
Founder & CEO at ChurchDesk

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